Porch View Dances 2014

Best Local Choreographer (finalists)
NOW Magazine
Best Site Specific Work of 2012
Globe and Mail
I love dance/J'aime la danse Community Award
Canadian Dance Assembly and Rosco Floors
I love dance/J'aime la danse Innovation Award (finalist)
Canadian Dance Assembly and Rosco Floors

Kaeja d'Dance returns to Seaton Village with Porch View Dances, a festival conceived by Karen Kaeja with continued development with Allen Kaeja that guides you through a world of enchanting dance!

1 hour 15 minutes
Wednesday, July 16, 2014 - 07:00

Real people, in real time, in real spaces

4 families have partnered with 4 exceptional choreographers - Louis Laberge-Cote, Lauren Cook, Peter Chin and Allen Kaeja - to spill their stories through dance out onto the front porches and gardens of their own homes. With special pop up work by Brandy Leary, and the return of Karen Kaeja's audience inclusive Flock Landing finale in Vermont Square Park, Porch View Dances will animate Seaton Village for the third year running!

Join us nightly at 7 PM (4 PM on Sunday July 20th). The route begins at 92 London Street (at Euclid - just north of Bloor and west of Bathurst)

Price: pay-what-you-can

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“There is community outreach, and then there is Porch View Dances... Porch View Dances could be the poster child for how to do everything right. … it was and is a wonderful way of integrating professional choreographers into the community … a highlight of my summer.” Paula Citron, Globe and Mail

“Rarely has such ordinary public property been so wonderfully converted to artistic use. City sidewalks became seats for kids to watch, back alleys were opened up and became cultural corridors, and the local neighbourhood park was transformed into a performing arts centre. The boundary between what was public and what was private, what was ordinary and what was special, was danced into a beautiful blur.” Adam Vaughan, Former City Councillor, 2012

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