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Eric Cadesky

Kaeja Projects: Xtraordinary TO Dances: Moments in Reel Time (2017) Xtraordinary TO Dances: Solo Dance Xchange (2018)

Eric Cadesky has been composing for ballet and modern dance since 1980 and has created more than 70 works for that medium. He has created pieces for the National Ballet of Canada, Ballet BC, Lyon Opera Bal­let, Mannheim Ballet, Montanaro Dance and was Composer-In-Residence for Desrosiers Dance Theatre for 8 years. He has worked with many of Canada's most gifted independent choreographers. The premier of his dancing career was also that career's swan song. His one performance in the National Bal­let's Nutcracker of placing an injured cookie on a stretcher and racing off stage did not inspire the critics.


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