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Greenwood Ensemble

Kaeja Projects: Porch View Dances 2018

Everybody is unique in our communal household. We all have different abilities and different styles. Maddie loves singing and dancing, Morgan loves to create, Krystal is an actor and a public speaker, Ben is an artist educator, Laura loves to write, and Sam is a musician. We are one BIG family. Our house is filled with music, dance, food, colours, rhythms, routines, moods, cats and art. We love it and we invest in it. We learn from each other and accept each other for who we are. And whenever possible we sing, we dance, and we share love. The Greenwood Ensemble is: Ben Clement, Laura Gallagher-Doucette, Krystal Nausbaum, Morgan Joy, Madeleine Stratton, Sam Webster