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Jody Oberfelder

Kaeja Projects: Kaeja's Dance Ontario Lifetime Achievement Award Celebration (2020), plus more

Jody Oberfelder is a director, choreographer, and filmmaker. Currently: Object Place a durational interactive performance and Life Traveler, performed on bridges and streets. Recent projects: Madame Ovary, May 2019 at the Flea Theater, On the Move Shortly, performed at St. Pancras Station in London, Things, a collaboration with the Brisbane, Australian quintet Topology, and Zaubernacht, a fairy tale, a commission by the Kurt Weill Foundation. Her immersive work includes: 4Chambers, (2013-14) a piece about the heart, was performed in a historic home on Governor’s Island and in a former hospital and The Brain Piece (2015-18) a choreographed experience: a union of movement, film, neuroscience and sound, giving audiences an interactive opportunity to engage with their minds in motion. Castle Walk, a danced-through tour of a Baroque Palace in Portugal (Fall 2017) created in collaboration with Arte Total in Braga, Portugal. Jody was Karen Kaeja’s first employer in New York in the 90s, touring to Switzerland and Portugal.