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Mateo Galindo Torres

Kaeja Projects: Calibrate (2018); Porch View Dances Vignette Choreographer (2019); Consumed Duet (2019); Commissioner for Karen Kaeja; Kaeja's Dance Ontario Lifetime Award Achievement Celebration (2020), plus more

Mateo Galindo Torres is a multidisciplinary dance artist, actor and performer based in Toronto. He started his training in Bogota at an early age, and deepened his studies in the USA, Cuba, and Canada. As an interpreter, he has worked with a wide array of directors and choreographers, for live theatre, voice over and film. Mateo has performed in Canada, Colombia, Cuba, Germany, Mexico, and Panama. As a choreographer and creator, his work is highly influenced by his Latinx American background, often politically charged, and inspired by social subject matters. Mateo fuses his eclectic movement training within his choreography creating a distinct movement quality.
Mateo is the founder and artistic director of GUETCHA GUARITCHA, a dance and performance company whose call is “to find our essential truth, to connect with it, honour it, and to express ourselves from it”