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Michelle Silagy

Accessibility Advisor

Kaeja Projects: Porch View Dances Choreographer (2018), plus more

Michelle Silagy is a Toronto based contemporary dance artist and educator. Her work, inspired by intergenerational and multi-ability artists, has been presented in: Amsterdam, New York, the Arctic Circle and in several indoor and outdoor venues in Toronto including: The Gardiner Museum where she presented ReTrace, a multi-ability, multigenerational performance. A certified DanceAbility [DA] facilitator, Silagy performed with DA Founder Alito Alessi in Vienna. Silagy is an inaugural international Master DanceAbility Teacher, who trained in the company of 10 artists from 9 countries, by Alessi in Montevideo and Central America 2015. As the Young Dancers’ Program director at STDT, Silagy currently facilitates inclusive youth classes. She also instigates inclusive classes for adults in partnership with STDT and The National Ballet School of Canada. Silagy and Lynda Hill of Theatre Direct co-created Flying Hearts, a relaxed performance for differently abled children. Flying Hearts premiered at the Wee Festival in May 2018.