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Pulga Muchochoma

Kaeja Projects: Xtraordinary TO Dances: Moments in Reel Time (2017) Xtraordinary TO Dances: Solo Dance Xchange (2018); Kaeja's Dance Ontario Lifetime Achievement Award Celebration (2020), PVD Seaton Village Vignette Choreographer (2018), PVD Choreographer

Pulga Muchochoma was born in Quelimane, Mozambique. His dance career and training began in Quelimane with Montes Namuli Dance Company. In August of 2006 he came to Toronto with the company for the International AIDS Conference. He graduated from STDT in 2009 and right away he joined the company TDT and currently still a member of the company. He’s the founder of Pulga Dance which focus on African Dance and Fitness since 2015. I am very excited to be working with the Kaeja’s once again on this awesome project.