We are beyond grateful for the support of all of our wonderful donors, without whom we would not be able to do what it is we love to do: dance! We'd like to take a moment to say THANK YOU to our current donors for their support and generosity. Learn about the benefits of becoming a donor here.

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Green Fischer Family Trust

Lindy Green Family Foundation

Individual Donors

Lee Adamson


Doug Anweiler

Matt Ardrey

Dina B.

Joanne Bacon (in honour of Ben Clement)

Michael Bain

Jane Howard Baker

Amanda Baloukas

Ken Barth

Robert Bernecky

Barbara Berson

Pieter Biessels

Marni Binder

Sandra Campbell

David Carey

The Chimera Project

Judith Cole

Lindy Cowan

Jane Deluzio

Modrite Dimza

Judith Doan

Dr. Don Ducasse

Kim Echlin

Eve Egoyan

Lori Endes

Miriam Erlichman

Andrew Filarski

Annie Finn

Anne Fleming

Denise Fujiwara

Jenny & Chris Ginder

Justine & Richard Giuliani

Marc Glassman

Faith Goldman

Karen Green & George Fischer

Lindy Green & Sam Chaiton

Vivian Hall

Maureen Harris

Christine Jackson

Suzanne Jaeger

Allen & Karen Kaeja

Bev Katz

M. Keery

David Keshen

Maria Kranz

Ben Labovitch

Elaine Lesniak

Sallie Lyons

Michelle MacDougall

Dr. Blake & Carmelina Martin

Jack Martin

Celia McBride

Valerie McDonald

Ramiro Mora

Malgorzata Nowacka (in honour of Irena Szemplinska)

Steven & Trudy Norris

Malgorzata Nowacka-May

Jody Oberfelder & Juergen Riehm

Alan Page

Ralph Palumbo

Cecilia Paolucci

Kenny Pearl

Dr. Shawna Perlin

Joan Phillips

Sonya Popovich

Mary Anne Quance

Martha Randall

Dr. Paula Ravitz

Marc Richard

Jeanne Marie Robillard

Sheldon Rose

Lincoln Shand

Sarah Shugarman

Laurence Siegel

Brenda Somers

Timothy Spain

Leah Steinberg

Dr. Randi Stern

Jini Stolk

Harold Tausch

Dianne Taylor

Amichai Tsarfati

David & Shelley Tsarfati

Amalie Vanderzwet

Peter Watson

Phyllis Whyte

Judy Wolfe

Myriam Zitouni


Life would get pretty lonely without our amazing partners!

Kaeja d'Dance is an official Partner of the TDSB

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Green Fischer 

Family Trust

Lindy Green

Family Foundation


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