We are beyond grateful for the support of all of our wonderful donors, without whom we would not be able to do what it is we love to do: dance! We'd like to take a moment to say THANK YOU to our current donors for their support and generosity. Learn about the benefits of becoming a donor here.

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Green Fischer Family Trust

Lindy Green Family Foundation

Fischer Green

Individual Donors (2018-2021)

Laura Abitbol

Helen Adam

Janice Alton

Caitlin Amodeo

Bonnie Anthony

Jolene Bailie

Jane Howard Baker

Maja Bannerman

Rebecca Baptista

Suzanne Barnes

Deborah Barnett

Linda Barnett

Laura Barrett

James Beamish

Mimi Beck

Robert Bernecky

Atin Bhattacharya  

Pieter Biessels

Savannah Boddy

Kirsten Boer 

Sylvie Bouchard

Bella Bowes

Anne Bradford

Stephen Brooke

Joanna Bryson

Raylene Burke

Deborah Burrett

Steven Bush

Abby Bushby

Tara Butler

Caroline Caire

Alexander Carson

Caryn Chappell

Pamela Chappell

Leah Cherniak

Susanne Chui

Brianna Clarke

Kristian Clarke

Elana & Dan Cochrane

Judith Cole

John Cook

Lesley Cook

Lindy Cowan

Martha Davis

Jane Deluzio

Modrite Dimza

Judith Doan

Katherine Duncanson

Kim Dunlop

Eve Egoyan

Lori Eisler

Lisa Elchuk

Lori Endes

Miriam Erlichman

Linda & Ken Ewen

Shoshana Fainsilber

Yolanda Ferrato

Andrew Filarski

Beth Finnis

Leslie Fisher

Aviva Fleising

Anne Fleming

Ann Fynn

Deanna Galati

Andrew Gann

Louise Gauthier

Jenny Ginder

Richard Giuliani

Janin Goldman

Faith Goldman

Lindy Green

Karen Green

Julie Hanson

Maureen Harrius

Celia Harte

Elisa Hollenberg

Erika-Leigh Howard

Nancy Huggett

J Hum

Linda Hunter

Dara Jaukovic

Christine Jackson

Suzanne Jaeger

Taylor Janice

Neena Jayarajan

Peter Jenkins

Allen Kaeja

Karen Kaeja

David Keshen

Adrianna Knight

Elaine Lesniak

Keith Lim

Ana Lima

Kallee Lins

Keira Loughran

Gabby Lowe

Deborah Lundmark

Sallie Lyons

Laurel MacDonald

Henry Mak

Alexis Mantell

Catherine Marrion

Gabrielle Martin

Jack Martin

Celia McBride

Tushar Mehta

Naoko Murakoshi

Melanie Nesbitt

Laura Nienhuis

Sylvie Normandeau

Malgorzata Nowacka-May

Selma Odom

Marion Oliver

Sebastian Oreamuno

Andrea Page

Alan Page

Kenny Pearl

Shawna Perlin

Sonya Popovich

Kathleen Pyper

Mary Anne Quance

Gyllian Raby

Martha Randall

Bella Rasitsan

Paula Ravitz

Aubrey Reeves

Karie Richards

Jeanne Marie Robillard

Edward Robinson

Pamela Rose

Sheldon Rose

Terri Rothman

Rochelle Rubinstein

Sharona Rubinstein

Brandy Ryan

Catherine Schmidt

Megan Schroeder

Gordon Scott

Lincoln Shand

Andrew Sherbin

Carolyn Shim

Sarah Shugarman

Laurence Siegel

Sheila Sky

Margo Small

Marjan Soheilinia

Brenda Somers

Elaine Stewart

Jini Stolk

Tamar Tabori

Harold Tausch

Dianne Taylor

Sabine Theissen

Ruby Thelot

Marketa Tokova

Michael Tong

Ami Tsarfati 

Efraim Tsarfati

David & Shelley Tsarfati

Edith Varga

Brent Vickar

Peter Watson

Susan Wetheral

Phyllis Whyte

Joanne Wilby

Myriam Zitouni

Patty Zuver

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Life would get pretty lonely without our amazing partners!

Kaeja d'Dance is an official Partner of the TDSB


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Green Fischer 

Family Trust

Lindy Green

Family Foundation


RBC Emerging

Artists Project


Kaeja d’Dance would like to acknowledge that we are situated upon traditional territories. Our artists, collaborators, staff and team are grateful to be creating art on this land that has been nurtured by recorded and unrecorded human activity for by thousands of years. We honour and respect the traditional lands and waterways of the Wendat, Anishinabek Nation, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, and the Métis Nation. We are in the 'Dish with One Spoon' territory - a treaty between these nations reflecting a commitment to share the territory and protect the land. We also recognize the enduring presence of diverse Indigenous peoples on this land.

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