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Moving Connections Fall Outdoor Practice 2020 - Photo by Drew Berry


open to people of all ages, bodies, and abilities - no dance experience required

"It was a joyful moment online together, feeling connected, creative, relaxed, inspired. More embodied in these times."

- Fall Online Participant 2020

Moving Connections is back for 2021!  Winter and Spring sessions will once again bring us together online to engage in a live movement practice. In a choreographed sequence developed just before the pandemic, we will move in harmony with one another from our own spaces! These workshops provide a place for friends, family and community to come together to move and connect.
Workshop facilitators will lead participants through a warm-up, the sequence of choreography, plus guided movement explorations. This is a non-strenuous movement practice that will warm the body and activate the mind, connecting us to ourselves and one another. The sequence can be done standing, sitting, or with any modifications. As you become more and more comfortable with the choreography we invite you to find joy in the movement pathways and imagery.

“I think it's an amazing and unique experience… and done with such care and tenderness for each participant.”

- Fall Online Participant 2020

What to expect for the Winter and Spring Sessions:

- New workshop days

- Longer Practice Labs

- Added guided movement explorations

- 2 more facilitators

- Outdoor Practice Labs to return when it is safe

WINTER SESSION: February 1 - 24

               These online workshops consist of: ​

  • Monday Learning Labs

  • Wednesday Practice Labs 


Drop-in to one workshop or register for the whole series!



Learning Labs will be your tutorials for learning the choreographed sequence and will be taught in two parts (Part 1 & Part 2). The labs will take you through 32 gesture-based movements: 16 in Part 1 and 16 in Part 2.

Practice Labs will be your opportunity to fully engage in an uninterrupted run of the choreographed sequence, connecting Part 1 and Part 2 as a flowing, meditative movement practice. Each Practice Lab will conclude with a movement exploration inspired by memories of connection and touch thoughtfully guided by your facilitator.

*While it is not a requirement, it is recommended that you attend both Learning Labs (Part 1 & 2) prior to participating in a Practice Lab.


Videos with guided instruction, Closed Captioning, and ASL are also available for participants upon request.

SPRING SESSION: April 5 - 25

Full schedule and registration link to be released in February!

"I felt that I had completed something, that it was a positive moment for me to feel that sense of purpose."

- Fall Online Participant 2020


We will be offering more physically distanced Outdoor Practice Labs in Toronto when it is safe to do so, and adhere to Ontario Health’s recommendations for outdoor gatherings. Our team will set up clear physical distancing marks and ask that you please bring and wear a mask. 


Our Moving Connections facilitators will lead a warm-up and guide the sequence of choreography.

Outdoor practice from Fall 2020; Photos by Drew Berry

Moving Connections

in-studio workshops 2019

Moving Connections

Zoom workshops 2020

"Thank you so much for today! Such a beautiful experience. I kept smiling with amazement and joy...that a group of strangers could perform a series of actions creating intimacy and cohesion. I loved it."

Phyllis Whyte (Moving Connections Participant)

 "I truly appreciated the sensitivity and generosity you and your team extended to us non-dancers.  It felt such a safe and supportive space."

Brenda Somers (Moving Connections Participant)

Here’s what our Fall Session participants are saying about Moving Connections:

"[I felt emotional] during the experience and after, connecting through movement to my heart and to others -

feeling vulnerable and safe at the same time"

"Feeling joyous and a surprising sadness is coming up for me, too. Grateful for how tender the approach is. Humbled and moved. And so happy to be moving my body with others in this disconnected time..."

"Seeing all of us moving together as a group in our individual interpretations was so beautiful and moving."

"[It was meaningful] to be able to move without judgement of myself, to be in real time with my moving body

and feeling present was a real blessing"

“I found joy in dancing while exploring the gestures. Also, peace of mind which helps with the

cov-19 situation we have today - it relieves the stress.”

“So healing and also helped me feel connected to others as well as my own body”

“Being part of something ongoing with others was meaningful during Covid isolation.”

"I am delighted to send my sincere congratulations to Kaeja d’Dance for the work that they have been able to accomplish in the last year with the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation,” said Jill Andrew, MPP for Toronto-St. Paul’s.The Moving Connections Program could not possibly be blossoming at a more important time, when we are all faced with isolation due to COVID-19. Your work is not only inspirational, but impactful, and I am incredibly excited to see what lies ahead for the entire team at Kaeja d’Dance. You have shown us once again

why it is vital that we invest in Ontario’s artists, a cause that will always have my support.”

Frequently asked questions

What is Moving Connections?

This format of Moving Connections is a workshop series that brings people together through a live movement practice online and outdoors (when COVID regulations permit it.) In a choreographed sequence developed in collaboration with a community of older adults just before the pandemic, we will move in harmony with one another from our own spaces. This practice evokes a distilled reflection of hope embracing meaningful connections made with people in our lives. The sequence consists of 32 movements that are simple, gestural and easy to learn.

Who can participate?

This workshop welcomes anyone who is interested - no dance experience is necessary. It is open to participants of all bodies, abilities, and ages, however we suggest adult accompaniment for very young movers. The choreographed sequence can be done standing, sitting, or with any other modification. Our instructors will provide movement options for all abilities and accessibilities. If you have specific accessibility questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact kaeja.team@gmail.com Videos with guided instruction, Closed Captioning and ASL are available after attending a workshop.

What will I be doing?

You will practice a gentle choreographed sequence, made up of 32 gesture-based movements. Monday Learning Labs will be your tutorials for the sequence and will be taught in two parts (Part 1 and Part 2). Wednesday Practice Labs will give you the opportunity to fully engage in the choreography as a meditative practice, stringing both Part 1 and 2 (all 32 movements) together. Workshops also include a warm-up aspect and occasionally, a guided movement exploration. The choreography can be done standing, sitting, and with any other modifications. Guided by a professional dance artist who will be demonstrating and engaging in each movement throughout the entire workshop, you will learn alongside a community of participants online or outdoors. You will be dancing before you know it!

Who is teaching it?

These workshops are facilitated by professional dance artists experienced in community engagement. Meet our fantastic team below!

Who created the choreographed sequence?

The choreographed sequence was developed by Karen Kaeja in collaboration with a group of older adults during a community workshop in December 2019. Through guided prompts and explorations, these movements stem from personal stories, contributed by those who were present in the workshop. The Moving Connections Project and workshops were conceived, directed and developed in 2018 by Karen Kaeja. The project is an umbrella for her three decades of research of intergenerational collaborative dance making created through personal stories. Karen’s early training as a Dance Therapist where she pioneered the first Dance Therapy program at North York’s Baycrest Centre, seeded her research on the benefits of dancing for older adults and has now blossomed into the Moving Connections Project.

How much does it cost?

FREE! A donation option is available to support the Moving Connections program here.

Where are the workshops?

ONLINE on Zoom.

What is the schedule?

Winter Session as follows: Week 1: Mon, February 1 | 5:00-5:45pm - Learning Lab (Part 1) Wed, February 3 | 5:00-5:45pm - Practice Lab Week 2: Mon, February 8 | 5:00-5:45pm - Learning Lab (Part 2) Wed, February 10 | 5:00-5:45pm - Practice Lab Week 3: Mon, February 15 | 5:00-5:45pm - Learning Lab (Part 1) Wed, February 17 | 5:00-5:45pm - Practice Lab Week 4: Mon, February 22 | 5:00-5:45pm - Learning Lab (Part 2) Wed, February 24 | 5:00-5:45pm - Practice Lab Spring Session will run from April 5-25 - Full Schedule to be released in February!

How do I register?

Link to register here! Not ready to register yet? Stay in touch by joining our mailing list!

Where do I ask for information?

E-mail kaeja.team@gmail.com for more information.


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CHOREOGRAPHY CREATED BY: Karen Kaeja in collaboration with community members, Dec. 2019 Moving Connections module 

ONLINE TEACHERS: Nickeshia Garrick, Mio Sakamoto, Elke Schroeder, Katherine Semchuk, Irma Villafuerte

PROGRAM COORDINATORS: Drew Berry, Katherine Semchuk

CONSULTANT: Dr. Pil Hansen


WRITING COACH: Sandra Campbell 


ADVISOR: Michelle Silagy


MOVEMENT GUIDES: Michael Caldwell, Jordana Deveau, Mio Sakamoto, Elke Schroeder


SCRIBE: Drew Berry, Elise Tigges

2019 COMMUNITY PARTICIPANTS: Pramila Aggarwal, Nadia Alpert, Mary Barr, Linda Bayliss, Pat Beaven, Pieter Biessels, Jane Deluzio, Joanne Desjardins, Lori Eisler, Luisa Giacometti, Christine Jackson, Suzanne Jaeger, David Keshen, Ana Lima, Sallie Lyons, Mary Anne Quance, Brenda Somers, Jini Stolk, Harold Tausch, Dianne Taylor, Cylla von Tiedemann, Patricia White, Phyllis Whyte, Myriam Zitouni


Elizabeth Bowes, Jane Deluzio, Lori Eisler, Lori Endes, Christine Jackson, Sallie Lyons, Lori Pacan, Phyllis Whyte

While we remain connected online, we welcome feedback from you at anytime kaeja.team@gmail.com

Moving Connections is made possible by the generous support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, New Horizons Program and University of Calgary / Kaeja d’Dance partnership SSHRC grant  - Moving Connections and aging partnership: sharing danced memories to build meaningful relations led by Dr. Pil Hansen.

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