Photo by Karen Kaeja for her duet commission for Guetcha Guaritcha.

Dancers: Mateo Galindo Torres & Katherine Semchuk


Kaeja d’Dance is thrilled to announce our first iteration of Open Circuit - RBC Kaeja Emerging Artists Project. Thanks to RBC we are offering a mentorship program for two emerging artists to develop and expand on their practices as choreographers, curators and producers. Taking place from June 2020 - February 2021, the selected artists will receive mentorship and support from Karen Kaeja, Allen Kaeja, Michael Caldwell and a guest mentor. The two selected artists will also create an experience together (more info below!).

Open Circuit is a multifaceted program that includes the following:

  • Mentorship from Karen Kaeja, Allen Kaeja, Michael Caldwell and a guest 

  • Participation in the Creative Risk Residency in partnership with New Blue Emerging Dance - 20 hrs of creation time; rehearsal space with mentorship / February 1-5, 2021

  • Opportunity to create your own experience, from conception to planning, producing & promoting, a collaborative full day and night event / February 6, 2021

  • Opportunity to curate Wind Down Dance - A platform for choreographers to show work-in-progress 

  • Showing of their Creative Risk Residency work in Wind Down Dance / February 6, 2021

  • Potential participation in New Blue Emerging Dance Performance / Date TBC

  • Participation in the Kaeja 2020 Intensive (optional) / November 2-6, 2020

This program includes an honorarium for the two successful applicants, as well as a budget for the Wind Down Dance and “create your own experience” day of events on February 6, 2021.



Must self-identify as an emerging dance artist. Current students (20/21 year) are ineligible.


To apply please send the following to by 5pm on May 17, 2020:

  • Current CV - max 2 pages

  • Link to 2-3 support materials - Must include at least 1 video. Other material can be in the form of video, photography, intermedia etc… (video support limited to 3 minutes). Please include a short description of how each support material relates to your interest/relationship to this call.

  • Answers to application questions (1-2 pages)


Application Questions:

  1. What are you specifically seeking guidance for as a dance artist?

  2. What do you look for in a mentor?

  3. CREATION - for the Creative Risk Residency (Feb 1-5, 2021):

    • a. Tell us about a project you would like to develop.​

    • b. How would you use the in-studio time to investigate a new or existing project?

    • c. What risks are you looking to take?

  4. PRODUCTION - for the "create your own full day and night event (Feb 6, 2021):

    • a. Provide an example of an event you would be interested in creating and producing.

    • b. How would you approach collaborating with a new colleague on this event?

    • c. What are your strengths as a collaborator?

    • d. What is your relationship to curation and production?

    • e. What skills would you like to develop?

  5. As a whole, how would this program contribute to your artistic development

Please note:

  • A diverse artistic advisory committee has been selected to review the applications. They will make recommendations to the Kaeja d'Dance ADs for participant selection.

  • Depending on the current and future state of COVID-19, planned events may have to be postponed or shifted to a digital platform.

We welcome and encourage applications from all groups. This includes women, visible minorities, Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities, persons of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity or expression (LGBTQ2S+), and others who may contribute to diversity in the Canadian dance sector. Please notify us if you require an accessible space for the residency or if you have any other accessibility needs that you would like to share with us and we will do our best to accommodate you. Questions may be answered in point form or via interview if further assistance is required.