Reflections on a Beautiful journey

CRAZY!!! Another lifelong dream fulfilled - traveling to Japan for work, visiting our good friends Naoko Murakoshi and Masuyo Higashide and then China within one month. Sharing these adventures with MYLOVE Karen Kaeja was magic!!

Japan Revisited

Above: What a vision! Mt. Fuji, Japan.

After visiting Japan in 2017 to teach, lecture, and give an informal performance at the Yohokama Ballet Intensive, we were so excited to return! We taught a number of Master Workshops inclusive of professionals in the community and Minoru Harata's company Little Wisdom. During our Residency in the countryside with 14 MWU dancers, Karen and I were honoured to be cared for, housed, fed and inspired by these fabulous dancers and creators. The conference centre reminded us of the luxury at Banff.

During the week, Karen and I mentored their choreographic pieces, did our own choreographic research with them and engaged in much discussion as well as spending an evening presenting them with a one-hour multi-media synopsis of our careers. Gorgeous dancers … wonderful people, we had a super stimulating time in Japan and can’t wait to work with these flyers again.

Thank you Mio Sakamoto for assisting Karen and I, your energy, passion and flight was flawless!!!!

Left: Just some of our large Kobe Intensive Right: Mio, Karen, Naoko, and myself!

Group! Can you find Karen?

And one of the strangest experiences was having a hot cafe au lait from a VENDING machine!!!

After the residency and back in Kobe, Naoko took us to her favourite antiques store…OY!!! After spending a few hours there (could have been days), we were ready to travel to China.

Left and Right: Kinosaki, Japan. Famous for its onsens (hot springs).

Onward to China!

During our time in Japan, I contacted Rosalyn and Candy, organizers of the Beijing Contact Improvisation community. Karen and I landed in Beijing on March 20th and taught a two-hour Master Class on folding and flying that first night to members of the community. A healthy dose of laughter, high fives and smiles. We had lively discussions, beautiful sharings and then went out to dinner with the group afterwards.

What a bustling and growing country and CI community.

Left: Members of the Beijing Contact Improv Community Right: Karen and Rosalyn

The majority of our tour through China was holiday, completely for Karen and I to travel, learn, interact and hangout. Walking, being amazed and fulfilling our passions. Just some of our highlights were: The GREAT WALL, Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors, the Pagoda at Shibaozhai and the Three Gorges (including the dam).

Top Row: The Great Wall.

Middle Row: Terracotta Army. On the right is "The Archer," the only whole statue ever found.

Bottom Row: The Forbidden City.

I was also very moved by going to the oldest synagogue in Shanghai on the first night of Passover. Just today, I found out that some of our relatives from war-torn Europe before and during the Holocaust actually escaped to Shanghai. What a coincidence!!!

Above: At the oldest synagogue in Shanghai on the first day of Passover.

One of our joys was to capture Karen spinning in slo-mo in all these wondrous locations. Beautiful and stunning memories and experiences. Glorious and so much more than I ever expected!!!

Left: TV station building called the "Pants" Right: Beautiful Shanghai

So happy to be home, so looking forward to going back…


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Job Posting: Managing Director

Date Posted: March 2021 Application Deadline: April 15 Start Date: May 1 Salary: $50,000-$55,000 Province: Ontario Region: Metro Toronto Area City: Toronto Term: Full-time ORGANIZATION DESCRIP

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