Photo by SVPhotography. Bodiya/Qing Family. Chor. by K. & A. Kaeja. 2017.



2012 Winner Globe & Mail, Best Site Specific Work

Canadian Dance Assembly’s “I Love Dance Community Award”

Porch View Dances (PVD): Real People Dancing In Real Spaces is returning to the Seaton Village neighbourhood for the 7th year in a row, in partnership with St. Alban's Boys & Girls Club! This time round Seaton Village porches have become a Toronto performance platform, welcoming participants from around our city.

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The audience will gather at 595 PALMERSTON AVE. at showtime where they will be greeted by our amazing tour guide, Maurycy, who will take them through the Seaton Village streets, stopping to enjoy dance pieces along the way!



(Choreographed by Kathleen Rea)

We are dancers. We are human. We are movement lovers who come from spaces across the city. Crossing invisible and visible boundaries, we gather together. We all know what it means to feel isolation. The brick walls between our inner and outer worlds, our living rooms and the street outside. In dance, we join together as a community, an ecosystem. Different experiences, within a shared connection. Across generations, we support each other and draw one another out of isolation and into community. Come and join us.


(Choreographed by Andrea Nann with Michelle Silagy)

Everybody is unique in our communal household. We all have different abilities and different styles.  Maddie loves singing and dancing, Morgan loves to create, Krystal is an actor and a public speaker,  Ben is an artist educator, Laura loves to write, and Sam is a musician.  We are one BIG family.  Our house is filled with music, dance, food, colours, rhythms, routines, moods, cats and art.  We love it and we invest in it. We learn from each other and accept each other for who we are. And whenever possible we sing, we dance, and we share love.



(Choreographed by Karen and Allen Kaeja)
Joining us again are Jim & Owen Adams, an Indigenous father/son team who are embarking on a PVD series exploring teachings from the Medicine Wheel. This year's theme will focus on the father/son relationship that embodies the Indigenous values of truth, love and respect.



(Choreographed by Pulga Muchochoma)
Performed by Deltin Diyako Sejour and Yui Ugai

As always PVD will finish with a Flock Landing finale where all the audience is invited to take part. Dance artists include Nyda Kwasowsky, Lilia Leon, Deltin Diyako Sejour, and Yui Ugai.

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“The world’s a stage with Porch View Dances”

- The Toronto Star

Access Information

Restrooms - At the start of the route, The Green Beanery (565 Bloor St. W.) has accessible restrooms and has invited audience members to utilize them without having to purchase anything. Please note that the Green Beanery does not have any door openers.

At the end of the route, St. Alban's Boys & Girls Club (843 Palmerston Ave.). Please note that St. Alban's will be closed during the Sunday performance and that their door opener has been unpredictable. We cannot guarantee that it will be working during PVD.

The length of the route is 800m and is uphill (there is a 3m gain in grade from the start of the route to the end of the route). The audience will travel to three different porches. The distance between Porch 1 and Porch 2 is 230m with a 0m gain in grade. There will be a short performance (vignette) between Porch 1 and Porch 2. The distance between Porch 2 and Porch 3 is 600m with a 3m gain in grade. There will be two performances (vignettes) between Porch 2 and 3 (one is 180m in, and has a 1m gain in grade and one is 270m and has a 0m gain in grade). 

There will be a Flock Landing in Vermont Square Park after the final performance. There is a concrete walkway in the park. There will likely be an option to join the Flock Landing on either the grass or the concrete. The Flock Landing is a participatory movement experience that all are invited to join. The movement is slow and gentle, typically focusing on the upper body, and runs for about 10-15 minutes. We invite participants to enter and exit the Flock Landing as they wish. 

We do not have a shuttle available this year - we are working on this for future PVDs. Audience sizes are usually 200-300 people per performance.

We have 3 manual wheelchairs available (along with volunteers to push them) for people who would like to come but may not be able to independently navigate the route on foot. If you would like to be guaranteed a chair, please email Beata at to book one. Any chairs that have not been claimed will be available on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Additionally, if you are a manual chair user that cannot independently navigate this route but would like a volunteer to push you, please email Beata at or let us know upon arrival that this is required.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide audio description or ASL interpretation for this year's PVD.







Starts at 595 Palmerston Ave.

Takes place throughout Seaton Village neighbourhood (Annex)

Toronto, Ontario

Wednesday July 18, 2018

Thursday July 19, 2018

Friday July 20, 2018

Saturday July 21, 2018

Sunday July 22, 2018


As always, PVD is Pay-What-You-Want!

Running Time

1.5 Hours


Created by Karen Kaeja and developed with Allen Kaeja



Karen and Allen Kaeja

Andrea Nann with Michelle Silagy

Kathleen Rea


Vignette Choreographer

Pulga Muchochoma


PVD Community Performers

Porch 1

Shay Erlich

Kyla Landon
Jenna Roy

Anastasia Watson

Lesley White

Porch 2

Ben Clement

Morgan Joy

Laura Gallagher-Doucette

Krystal Nausbaum

Madeleine Stratton

Denise Solleza (July 22 only)

Porch 3

Jim & Owen Adams

Vignette Dancers

Deltin Diyako Sejour

Yui Ugai

Flock Landing Dancers

Nyda Kwaskowsky

Lilia Leon

Deltin Diyako Sejour

Yui Ugai

Lesley White

Community Hosts

TD Bank

Karma Co-Op

Basecamp Climbing

Smoke's Poutinerie (Annex)

Miles Nadal Jewish Community Center


Stage Manager

Sharon DiGenova


Assistant Stage Manager

Shanna Miller


Diana Renelli


Aria Evans

Olya Glotka

Publicity and Public Relations

Ashley Belmer

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