Kaeja Elevations

Photo by Zhenya Cerneacov

Allen and Karen Kaeja’s partnering style, known as Kaeja Elevations, has played a vital role in the creation of Kaeja artistic works. Momentum, anchoring, and the architectural structure of the body complimented by gravity, create the unique characteristic of their style – encouraging the ability to have both partners in a state of propulsion and flow. Kaeja Elevations opens the door to a style of partnering where all participants are on an equal level playing field. This workshop helps to develop self-confidence and deeper communication as the perceived limitations of partnering are removed. Kaeja Elevations were developed by Allen, through two decades of refined exploration and collaboration with Karen.

Best Suited For

Grades 6 -12

Performing Arts Schools

Post-Secondary Training Programs

Teacher Workshops

Session Length

1 hour -1 week

Number of Students

Up to 30 students

Express Dance - Student Workshop

Express Dance is an inclusive, simple approach to bringing the joy of dance into any classroom. Developed by Allen and Karen Kaeja, Express Dance has been taught to more than 40,000 learners and teachers across Ontario and helps unleash the potential for physical expression latent within each and every individual. Express is ideal for your classroom because it:

  • Encourages students to discover new ways of learning dance using their own movement vocabulary

  • Is receptive to diverse forms of personal and cultural expression

  • Provides a supportive and fun environment, inclusive of ESL and all physical abilities

  • Supports current curriculum guidelines for dance education

See Express Dance in action here!

“It addresses many of the curriculum expectations involving movement, space, critical thinking and collaboration, and breaks the mind barrier that children have about dance.” - Cindy Lopes, Montrose P.S.

Best Suited For

Grades 4 -12
Elementary Schools
High Schools


Session Length

A single 2-hour intensive

workshop, or two 60-minute sessions


Number of Students

Up to 30 students

Express Dance - Teacher Workshop

Express Dance teacher workshops provide educators with the hands-on tools and strategies they need to build curriculum-connected dance units for their students, regardless of their dance experience, age or physical ability. By “educating the educators,” our workshops give teachers the confidence to offer dance enrichment opportunities for students.

Each workshop is a full day (average 5 hours of instruction), with the morning session dedicated to learning preliminary methods of the Express Dance approach, and the afternoon focused on rudimentary choreography methods.

“Express Dance is a gift to educators and students. Through Express Dance, the students become the originators and the creators. This is thrilling art in action!” - Christine Jackson, District Wide Coordinator for the Arts, Toronto District School Board

“This was the BEST workshop I have done in my 12 long years sitting through dreary workshops...it was inspiring!” - Grade 8 Teacher, TCDSB

Best Suited For
Teacher Workshops


Session Length

Full day (average 5 hours of instruction)

Number of Students

Up to 30 participants

Educators' are encouraged to use our online order form here to order the Express Dance guide.

Express Dance Guide - Educators' Resource for Teaching Dance

Dance Film

Best Suited For
Grades 9 -12
Performing Arts Schools
Post-Secondary Training Programs

Dance and Media Programs
Teacher Workshops Conferences/Festivals

Session Length

One day to one week

Number of Students

Up to 30 students

Using his expertise as the creator/co-creator of over 19 dance films, Allen Kaeja offers a unique opportunity for students to develop skills and gain experience in the relatively underdeveloped, and hugely promising field, of dance for the screen. This hands-on, in-depth workshop will explore the marriage of these two moving mediums and include discussions, screenings and the filming of choreographic work while exploring the technical, practical and artistic challenges involved in producing a dance film. Students will work to create a number of short dance films and the workshop will ideally culminate in an informal screening of the work.

Dance Film workshops can range in duration from one day to one week, depending on the needs and interests of your program.

“Allen Kaeja’s choreography is remarkable for its contemporary movement with narrative structure allowing the work to be accessible to the general public." – Judy Gladstone, Executive Director, Bravo!FACT

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Kaeja d’Dance would like to acknowledge that we are situated upon traditional territories. Our artists, collaborators, staff and team are grateful to be creating art on this land that has been nurtured by recorded and unrecorded human activity for by thousands of years. We honour and respect the traditional lands and waterways of the Wendat, Anishinabek Nation, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, and the Métis Nation. We are in the 'Dish with One Spoon' territory - a treaty between these nations reflecting a commitment to share the territory and protect the land. We also recognize the enduring presence of diverse Indigenous peoples on this land.

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