Katherine Semchuk and Mateo Galindo Torres 

Photo by Drew Berry

this place

this place is a new duet choreography commissioned for Karen Kaeja by Mateo Galindo Torres (Guetcha Guaritcha). The 40 minute work is danced by Katherine Semchuk and Mateo. 


After several COVID-19 postponements, the hybrid theatre film of this place which began creation in 2019 will be screened by Citadel + Compagnie in October 2021 (dates TBA). The work finds coherence in the theory of proximity. How do we make sense of ourselves in relation to the other in real and imaginary reflections that collide and intersect? The work holds the duality of our bodies in space with the need to be close.


this place prose - directed by the choreographer, written by performers:

I built a wall so that there was something to hold together the space that remained

I need to define this place, away from that place.

I need you to define this place, away from my place

I need you to stay in that place,

Until you can invite me in

Without the screen, without the wall

With all parts of you and all the parts of that place


Commissioner's note:  

"I commissioned Karen Kaeja to create this place because her work is highly transformative. Her process engages the dancer's realities and agency in creation in unique ways. Through seemingly abstract tasks that require the dancer's interpretation, I find myself in deep discovery. Stories and experiences come up in my dance in unexpected ways. Karen's work creates real and powerful transformations in the interpreters that translate into the witness's experience of the work."



Commissioner and Producer

Guetcha Guaritcha


Karen Kaeja

Created with and performed by

Katherine Semchuk and Mateo Galindo Torres

Film Director

Aria Evans 

Original Music Score

Gregory Harrison - Grej

Lighting Design

Noah Feaver

Projection Design

Luke Garwood

DOP and First Camera Operator

Sid Sawant 

Second Camera Operator

German Prieto

Stage Manager and Technical Director

A.J. Morra

Costume Design

Robyn Macdonald 

Outside Eyes

David Norsworthy, Allen Kaeja, Irma Villafuerte

Intimacy Coordinator

Aria Evans 

Citadel TD Wizard

Andrew McCormack

Presented by

Citadel + Compagnie

Created and produced with the support of Kaeja d'Dance, Citadel + Compagnie, Owen Sound Dance Academy, Toronto Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts | Conseil des arts du Canada.



Thank you to Mio Sakamoto, James Kendal, Sophia Fabiano, Andrea Pestana, and Emilie Trimbee.

Photos by Drew Berry.