About Xtraordinary TO Dances

Xtraordinary TO Dances (XTOD) is a platform to capture a collection of Toronto’s Xtraordinary Dance Artists of various practices in their purest pursuits. Celebrating improvised, scored and set approaches, these performances will be captured in a Live Stream, Dance Film and Stage Performance of Karen’s conception – the Solo Dance Xchange.


Live Stream

With XTOD being innovative in all aspects, Allen Kaeja has opted for a rather unconventional method to launch the project.

In place of a standard trailer, a short Live Stream will be filmed and broadcast live via Facebook Live, in a mystery TO location on Friday June 30, 2017 at 8:00pm! Viewers who tune in, will catch a glimpse of each XTOD Artist “in their element”.


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'Power couple,' 'go-getters' and 'the coolest couple on the dance scene.' No phrase quite encompasses the extraordinary range of ways in which the Kaeja’s engage."

- The Toronto Star

Xtraordinary TO Dances Live Stream Video


Conceived by Karen Kaeja and Allen Kaeja


Xtraordinary TO Dance Artists

Peggy Baker

Nova Bhattacharya

Shawn Byfield

Michael Caldwell

Robert Desrosiers

Esmeralda Enrique

Jasmyn Fyffe

Roshanak Jaberi

Allen Kaeja

Karen Kaeja

Benjamin Kamino

Hari Krishnan

Mi Young Kim

Emily Law

Claudia Moore

Pulga Muchochoma

Roula Said

Ofilio Sinbadinho

Santee Smith

Brian Solomon

Robert Stephen

William Yong


Xtraordinary TO Musicians

Eric Cadesky

Phil Strong


Publicity, Marketing and Public Relations

Sue Edworthy Arts Planning

Generously supported by

Toronto Arts Council Strategic Funding

Bell Media


Filmed throughout Toronto, the film captures one-minute of each XTOD Artist “in their element”, at the most meaningful and inspiring location for them in the city. The viewer will gain a different perspective of the city and a glimpse into what makes each XTOD Artist Xtraordinary.


In addition, the film also acts as a platform for the Solo Dance Xchange (SDX)in which the film footage will be the inspiration for future stage performances.


Film broadcast date TBA.

Read more about the Film.


Solo Dance Xchange

Produced by Kaeja d'Dance as part of Xtraordinary TO Dances (XTOD), the Solo Dance Xchange (SDX) is a platform for 22 extraordinary Toronto dance artists to intimately expose and fertilize each other's creative process with essences of what makes them who they are. A multiplicity of generations and practices, these artists will perform a 3-minute stage solo inspired by another's original improvised XTOD film footage, shot in the summer of 2017. This gateway between dance artists and their practices is a unique eye into what makes each dancer move and respond. 

A dream that Karen Kaeja has incubated for a decade, we invite you to join us for an ever-evolving evening of a collection of Xtraordinary solo dances, live music and a deeply engaging talk back. The original film, directed by Allen Kaeja, all shot in various locations within Toronto, will be screened before the show, each evening! Read more about Solo Dance Xchange.