About the Film

Filmed throughout Toronto, Xtraordinary TO Dances: Moments In Reel Time captures one-minute of each Xtraordinary TO Dance Artist “in their element”, at the most meaningful and inspiring location for them in the city. The viewer will gain a different perspective of the city and a glimpse into what makes each XTOD Artist Xtraordinary.


In addition, the film also acts as a platform for the Solo Dance Xchange (SDX), in which the film footage will be the inspiration for future stage performances.

Broadcast Date TBA.


Running Time



Concept, Director, & Executive Producer

Allen Kaeja

Xtraordinary TO Dances


Allen Kaeja

Karen Kaeja


Xtraordinary TO Dance Artists

Peggy Baker

Nova Bhattacharya

Shawn Byfield

Michael Caldwell

Robert Desrosiers

Esmeralda Enrique

Jasmyn Fyffe

Roshanak Jaberi

Allen Kaeja

Karen Kaeja

Benjamin Kamino

Hari Krishnan

Mi Young Kim

Emily Law

Claudia Moore

Pulga Muchochoma

Roula Said

Ofilio Sinbadinho

Santee Smith

Brian Solomon

Robert Stephen

William Yong


Xtraordinary TO Musicians

(Music & Sound Design)

Eric Cadesky

Phil Strong

Artistic Advisor, Producer

Karen Kaeja


Kaeja d'Dance

Director of Photography & Camera Operator

Hernan Morris


Aria Evans

2nd Camera

Allen Kaeja


Documentary footage, 3rd camera, production assistant

Olya Glotka

Production Coordinator, Documentary Photographer

Drew Berry


Publicity, Marketing and Public Relations

Sue Edworthy Arts Planning

Supervising Producer (FibeTV1)

John Buffone

Development & Production Producer (FibeTV1)

Paul Gardner

Unit Manager (FibeTV1)

Irene Kassapidis


Marc Kirschner

Simon Walker

Kathleya Afanador

Production Assistant

Paul-John Elisha

Location Assistant

Karen Morch

Johnstone & Cowling LLP

Ian Johnstone

David Cowling

Sail Boat Operator

Andy & Deb Oakes

2nd Boat Operator

Andy Oakes

CEO & Chief Strategist (Innovate by Day)

Deborah Day

Head of Production & Interactivity (Innovate by Day)

Torin Stefanson

Project Manager (Innovate by Day)

Sarah Davis


Fibe TV, Bell Media

Marquee Arts


Generously supported by

This project was supported through Toronto Arts Council Strategic Funding