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25th Anniversary Wishes

I remember the first performances, wow, a quarter century ago, when your bodies collided and sparked the creation of a new enterprise born of your love of each other and shared love of dance. I am so happy to see that all these years later the sparks are still flying, and that you are both still riding the air so high. What joy and wonder you have brought us. Thank-you for continuing to dance and for fostering creation in the wider community.    Deirdre Kelly

I am so excited to see the show this evening, and am so pleased at the extraordinary buzz surrounding your work.   Christine Jackson

I wish you a big fat Mazl Tov on 25 years. Much respect for your vision and gumption and your capacity to make shit happen. Always finding new ways to connect with people and create, create, always create!    David Bookbinder

Congrats on 25 years of inspiring countless people to look further at the art of dance. To experience new things and push boundaries.

You should be so on ‘cloud nine.’   Lata Pada

Karen, c'était très très magnifique ce soir! Congratulations to you and all your team. Most inspiring and beautiful show. And you were absolutely breathtaking to watch! Merci et merde for the rest of the run!!!    Joyalene Langois

Thanks for your beautiful 25th anniversary offerings...Karen- you are divine, the combo of mature presence & youthful energy in your gorgeous movement was breath-taking! Loved the physical elation of Allen's piece and the investigation of vulnerability in Karen's.   Claudia Moore

We saw it!!! It was amazing! And moving and delightful!!!   Karen Morch

Congratulations on a wonderful evening last night and on 25 years together! You’ve raised a family, created a body of work, trained youth and young artists, travelled – and stayed together. Just fantastic accomplishments.  Andrea Vagianos

Thank you for a beautiful evening of dance! And Congratulations on your 25 years of marriage, love and professional partnership. Each in themselves an amazing feat. All best in your celebration run this week, and all best in your years of love and art making to come!   Katherine Duncanson

Allen - Linda and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance the other night. We don't know much about dance, but you guys and the whole company were clearly full of energy and artistry and creativity and joy. It was a pleasure to see. Happy 25th anniversary!   Rabbi Ed Elkin

I went last night with Denise & had a  great time-getting taken away, moving into that awesome dream state when you become open to artistic suggestions, ephiphanies etc. I was so wonderfully proud of you two & loved coming into the world of your pieces. Congrats!   Janet Johnson

My dear friend took me to see this amazing show last night. Allen Kaeja and Karen Kaeja and the whole company kept us enthralled the whole time. There wasn't a moment we could look away!! The energy and dynamics were always shifting and guiding us on a wonderful journey. There are only 2 days left... Do yourself a favour and go see the show!   Vivek Patel

Ok this is going to sound gushing but ‪#‎Kaeja25 is epic and gush-worthy! Last night my heart was stretched to new dimensions by the sensual, kinetic, kaleidoscope of feeling and sensation that was .0 and Taxi! ... inspiring, arresting, riveting ... the two hours felt like 10 minutes. I was lost in the beauty and power and grace of the company and the brilliant depth of choreography that revealed two lives lived. Brav-f'ing-o Karen, Allen and co.!!?    Jeff Cantina

Allen Kaeja and Karen Kaeja your love shines through stage and lives through time. Love that bends and does not break, with each misstep and past mistake. Closer than your last embrace. Tonight was an incredible tribute to your 25 years as partners and successors of this dancing world, innovators of the land of hearts. Playful, wild and free - and creating with divine and wholesome dancers. Thank you all for inspiring me in ways only my heart fully knows.  Vanessa Faria

A beautiful show last night! I am amazed that you have been able to keep the company going and keep your artistic interests alive and moving forward. The best part for me was watching you both perform. Your maturity and vulnerability to the moment and the image that you are embodying is so fine, so specific and authentic. Young supple are bodies are great but your performance qualities are what really drew me in.   Pam Johnson

Congratulations! The performances were brilliant! The energy, physicality, and emotion in both pieces really resonated with me! Allen, your piece really reminded me of you! And Karen, I saw a side of you I've never seen before. It was truly wonderful! I hope closing night brings a magical finish to an amazing quarter century!  Bravo!    Diana D’Amelio

I'm still flying from your dance performance on Saturday night. The performance on Saturday night was fabulous and inspiring in every way. For me it was all about life and living and the terrifying vulnerability of being human which was expressed so poignantly.  I loved every moment.  I'm deeply honoured to be working with you.     Sandra Campbell

Allen Kaeja and Karen Kaeja are presenting a show that is breathtakingly brilliant. Both works keep the audience on the edge of their seats throughout and allow the audience to completely experience the profound work with emotional abandon. The cast of the show which includes Allen and Karen deliver work that seamlessly moves through physically charged partnering, intricate and refined movement vocabulary, poignant aesthetic visuals, and psychologically in depth text. The dancers fly, sing, monologue, and dance with complete vulnerability giving honesty and integrity to each moment. This is a show that must be seen. Brilliant work done by brilliant artists.    Courtnae Bownman

I think Karen and Allen Kaeja's new show is not just one of their best but I predict one of the best shows this year in Toronto. I highly recommend that anyone interested in dance and/or theatre go see it.   Kathleen Rea