Established -1991, AD's - Karen and Allen Kaeja, place - Toronto, genre - contemporary dance, awards - many, intrigue - live performance, dance on film, outreach and education. website - (currently under construction)


We are very proud to announce Downtown Dances in Moncton next month! This project is the FIRST of it's kind and is sure to be huge!

Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada is undertaking an artistic intervention to re-introduce the citizens of Moncton to their downtown and to image what the downtown core of the future can be. Inspired by Porch View Dances and our community engagement work, Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada is partnering with Kaeja next month on a creative journey. On August 18th from 11am-2pm, Downtown Dances will reintroduce the community to the downtown in a completely new way through dance; envisioning the businesses and the downtown core as a vibrant, living creative entity rich with the stories of people who work there every day. Karen and Allen are in creation mode as we speak for Moncton.

The City of Moncton / Ville de Moncton also has a new downtown centre scheduled to open in 2018 and this is a great way to help begin the rebuilding process! #Moncton #DTDances

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