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Globe &  Mail “Best Site Specific Award (2012)”
Canadian Dance Assembly’s “I Love Dance Community  Award”






Porch View Dances (PVD): Real People Dancing In Real Spaces is an award-winning community dance event that engages everyday people as creators, storytellers and performers – many of whom have never danced before. Audience members travel from house to house to see new dance works created with professional choreographers and performed by local families and residents on the front porches and lawns of their own homes. The performance culminates in a Flock Landing at the local park where audience members of all ages and abilities are invited to become active participants in the dance. PVD was designed to celebrate the stories of neighbourhood residents and to bridge the gap between professional art and everyday people. Taking dance out of the theatre and in to our daily lives, Porch View Dances engages real people dancing in real spaces, making dance accessible to the families who perform in it, as well as the audience members who come to watch. It is in this way that PVD sends the strong and powerful message that art is for everyone.

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"The world's a stage with Porch View Dances" 

-Toronto Star

"Pure artistic gold" 

-Apt 613, Ottawa

"[Porch View Dances is] a poster child for site-specific dance done right." 

-Paula Citron, Globe & Mail

“Rarely has such ordinary public property been so wonderfully converted to artistic use."


"The most moving choreography of 2012, exploring the very essence of what makes us human."


-Adam Vaughan, Former MP 

-Paula Citron, The Globe and Mail

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Porch View Dances


Concept by Karen Kaeja

Developed by Karen and Allen Kaeja

Porch View Dances was first produced in Seaton Village, Toronto in 2012.

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Past Performances

PVD 2020: Online


Seaton Village, Toronto

2012, 2013, 2014,

2015, 2016, 2017,

2018, 2019

Mimico, Etobicoke


New Toronto, Etobicoke


Long Branch, Etobicoke



2016, 2017

Canada Dance Festival, Ottawa

2015, 2016


PVD10 - 2021

Porch View Dances Community Participants

Porch View Dances engages community participants of all ages, skill levels and abilities. Previous dance experience is not required and, in fact, the majority of past PVD participants have no prior dance training. Porch View Dances is a profound experience for participants, who have reported deeper connections with friends, family members, and neighbours as a direct result of their involvement. To get more information on being a PVD Participant contact outreach@kaeja.org.

“Porch View Dances is community-building, bringing people together in groundbreaking ways."

- Vivien Carrady, 2014 PVD Participant

“The Kaejas make dance accessible, exploding barriers between art and life, making dance public in unexpected locations"

-Toronto Star

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Porch View Dances Photo Gallery

Fitzsimmons Frey Family. Photo by Monica Salazar Arcila. Chor. by K. Alton for PVD 2016.

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Photo by Diana Renelli. Chor by A. Kaeja for PVD 2015.

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Fitzsimmons Frey Family. Photo by Monica Salazar Arcila. Chor. by K. Alton for PVD 2016.

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